Automation & Notification

Working together with our Clients, we use marketing automation and notifications to receive leads, conversions and sales. These two elements of digital marketing help to increase sales productivity and reduce marketing costs. ePOST offers its Clients exciting opportunities for greater efficiency, cost reductions and improved customer knowledge and experiences about your product and services.

Benefits of automation in Digital Marketing

Gather Meaningful

Automation software collects and analyses data in relation to leads, customers, sales, campaign success etc. ePOST helps businesses to assess the effectiveness of past and current campaigns, and even be able to predict which trends to latch on to and what strategies will work in the future.

Support Customer

ePOST has witnessed time and time again the captivating power of efficient communications with your existing and potential clientele. A running order of well-timed and written automated emails, for example, can be sent to new leads to keep them connected to your business or the use of chatbots for immediate support.

They redirect Focus to strategy

Automation frees up time that can be better spent on tasks that require the unique expertise of your team members. For example customer communications, content scheduling, market research and more.

They re-allocate Budget

When your staff is able to focus on their core tasks, they become more productive. So projects are delivered in a much shorter time-frame without the need for investment in hiring more staff.

Marketing Made easy

It's the all-in-one small business software that lets you:

Send reports and e-mails, segregate views of an analysis, and execute many other actions in an automated fashion.

Automates notifications via e-mail containing relevant information to encourage prompt action.

Add custom tasks via the developer SDK (Software Development Kit).

Automates the production, personalization, and distribution – no manual effort involved. Automation Services can also be leveraged to trigger an automated action that orchestrates an end-to-end process based on a Spotfire document.
While creating jobs, choose from a number of pre-defined tasks (e.g.: apply bookmarks, save analysis to library, send e-mail, etc.) that are available out of the box to build automated jobs.

Personalizes pre-configured Spotfire analytic applications with a parameterized subset of data relevant to a specific audience of end users.

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