Frequently Asked Questions

A: ePOST is a digital marketing service that assists businesses to communicate and leverage their products and services to various target and segmented groups for the ultimate goal of meeting and exceeding revenue targets.

A: Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services using digital technology also including mobile phones, display advertising and any other digital medium and channels to reach consumers.

A: This includes software, digital images, digital video, video games, web pages and websites and including social media data, databases, digital audio such as MP3 and electronic books.

A: When it shows information in the form of an electronic image, recording or storing information as a series of the numbers 1 and 0 to show that a signal is present or absent.

A: Internet (Web pages), Social media, mobile, newsletters, emails etc.

A: Image personalization combines customer information, graphic fonts and background images to produce a set of compelling imagery that is specific to each recipient.

A: VDP includes on-demand printing where text, graphic and images may be changed from printed piece to another without stopping or slowing down the printing process. For example using a database to print personalized letters, each using the same basic layout, but having different names and addresses on each letter. VDP could also print 10,000 unique copies with customized messages for each customer.

A: Statement Generation is providing accurate statements using variable data printing. For example credit card statements to medical bills.

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